Light for Each Day, Volumes 1 & 2, are the new all-scripture daily devotional books.

They contain only the words of the Bible--no paraphrasing of scripture, no personal commentary.

Each day brings you several Bible verses combined into a seamless, topical reading that will encourage you as only the inspired words of God can.

The covers were designed by the talented Brian Montes, who also designed the new cover for The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

The first pages of Volume 1 (Click to enlarge)

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Sample pages from Volume 2 (Click to enlarge)

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Volumes 1 & 2 combined contain:

  • 366 daily devotions that can be read by calendar date or on your own schedule

  • Verses from all 66 books of the Bible

  • 56 prayers made up of only direct quotes from the Bible

  • 52 pages of God and/or Jesus speaking, using only Bible verses that quote them directly

Some examples of daily titles in Volume 1: 

The Old and the New 
You Have Overcome the Evil One 
Days of Darkness 
Temporary versus Eternal 
Do Not Be Proud 
Encourage Each Other 
A Prayer for Comfort 
Treasure in Christ 
Liberty for the Captives 
Our Hope of Glory

Some examples of daily titles in Volume 2: 

God Is Sovereign 
Meaningful Work 
I Walk in Your Faithfulness 
The Lord Is on My Side 
Care for Believers Worldwide 
Resisting Temptation 
Dwelling in Safety 
The Lord Lightens My Darkness 
Be Unselfish 
Profitable Investments 
Life Is Fleeting 
You Will Weep No More

Read Light for Each Day and 
let God's word encourage you 
every day of the year!

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