This is an incomplete topical index of the Light for Each Day books. 
JAN 1--JUN 30 is in Volume 1. JUL 1--DEC 31 is in Volume 2.


MAR 27: We Know

AUG 24: He Who Promised is Faithful

OCT 20: I Know

NOV 19: No One Can Hinder My Plans for You

Blessings and Promises Lists

FEB 12: My Promises for You

MAR 12: I Will Bless Him

MAR 18: Blessed Are the Lord’s People

APR 1: What God Will Do for You

MAY 4: Privileges of Being in Christ

MAY 7: I Will Bless My People

JUN 2: Never-ending Blessings

JUN 4: Promises to the Faithful One

JUL 2: Promises for My People

JUL 23: My Plans for You

OCT 1: Promises for the Righteous

OCT 5: Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord

NOV 24: Blessings and Promises

DEC 2: Promises for the Faithful

DEC 11: What Is Promised to You


JAN 6: God Will Deliver His People

JAN 17: The Lord Is My Helper

MAR 1: I Will Fear No Evil, For You Are With Me

JUN 8: The Lord Almighty Is With Us

JUL 9: Do Not Fear

DEC 10: I Am With You

Contrast Between the Righteous (in Christ) and the Unrighteous

JAN 2: The Old and the New

JAN 24: Those Who Trust in Riches

MAR 13: The Humble Will Be Exalted

APR 15: The Kindness and Severity of God

JUN 15: The Righteous Will Stand

SEP 2: As For Me... 

SEP 8: Final Destinies 

OCT 19: Known By Their Fruits

Eternity and Heaven

JAN 12: Temporary versus Eternal

FEB 13: Our Reward

MAY 2: Looking to the Eternal

JUN 11: I Will Do Something New

JUN 23: Heirs of the Kingdom

JUN 26: Our Hope of Glory

JUL 3: My Hope

JUL 10: Forever

JUL 22: Our Heavenly City

SEP 4: Our Future Glory

DEC 11: What Is Promised to You

DEC 31: Eternal Victory

God’s Love and Care for Us

JAN 21: The Lord’s Wondrous Works

FEB 3: The Merciful Father

FEB 10: God’s Chosen Ones

MAR 6: God Will Provide What You Need

APR 12: Every New Day

JUL 23: My Plans for You

JUL 30: My Covenant

AUG 11: He Cares for You

AUG 26: God’s Love for Us

OCT 12: God Will Be With You in the Wilderness

NOV 22: Your Unfailing Love

NOV 28: The God of All Comfort

DEC 4:  The Lord Provides Food

God’s Power and Sovereignty

JAN 8: I Am God Almighty

JAN 17: The Lord Is My Helper

FEB 6: God Works in Us

FEB 19: My Purpose Will Stand

MAY 21: I Am Sovereign Over All the World

JUN 7: I Will Remember Your Wonders of Old

JUN 29: A Man’s Plans and the Lord’s Will

AUG 15: God Is Sovereign

OCT 9: God Is Able to Deliver Us

NOV 1: How Great You Are

NOV 19: No One Can Hinder My Plans for You

DEC 14: Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?


JAN 27: Motives

JAN 29: Idolatry

MAR 31: The Lord Sees

MAY 16: Be Zealous

JUL 21: Idols

JUL 26: My Thoughts

AUG 12: Do Not Love the World

OCT 23: Pure Hearts

Holy Living

JAN 29: Idolatry

FEB 9: Honor God with Your Body

FEB 20: Hate Evil

FEB 24: Our Conduct toward Outsiders

MAR 10: Be Holy

APR 14: Integrity

APR 21: Be Self-Controlled

JUL 21: Idols

JUL 29: Put Off the Old, Put On the New

SEP 30: The Good Person

NOV 8: Your Word in My Heart

DEC 15: True Religion Summarized


FEB 2: Do Not Be Proud

FEB 28: By the Grace of God

MAR 13: The Humble Will Be Exalted

OCT 14: Sayings of the Proud

OCT 15: Humble Yourself

OCT 16: Sayings of the Humble

Missions, The Global Church

JAN 14: People from Every Nation

JUL 31: Care for Believers Worldwide

AUG 19: The Message of Salvation

SEP 14: A Missionary’s Prayer Requests

NOV 25: Tell the Good News


JAN 24: Those Who Trust in Riches

JAN 31: God Blesses the Generous

FEB 17: The Love of Money

MAR 21: Content in the Lord

APR 10: Wealth

JUL 4: Profitable Investments

SEP 15: Help the Poor

OCT 8: Giving

NOV 30: Be Content

Pain and Sorrow/Comfort from God

JAN 18: A Prayer for Healing

APR 19: A Prayer for Comfort

NOV 28: The God of All Comfort

DEC 9: Hope in God, My Soul

DEC 28: You Will Weep No More


JAN 5: Let Us Persevere

JAN 19: Stand Firm

JUL 6: Hold Fast

SEP 12: The Testing of Your Faith

SEP 22: Running for the Prize

SEP 23: Wait for the Lord

SEP 29: Be Diligent

DEC 19: Waiting for Jesus to Return


JAN 4: Who Is Like You, Lord?

FEB 8: You Are My King

MAR 8: I Will Sing Praises to You

MAR 25: Let Us Praise the Lord

MAR 29: I Will Declare Your Greatness

APR 12: Every New Day

APR 26: Our Eternal God

MAY 18: Let Everything Praise God

AUG 9: Give Praise to God

SEP 6: Your Name

SEP 9: There Is a God in Heaven

SEP 13: Blessed Be the Lord

SEP 26: Praise the Lord

OCT 4: Your Creation

NOV 1: How Great You Are

NOV 13: Glorify God

DEC 20: You Alone Are God


FEB 11: Pray to the Lord

APR 11: Confidence Before God

JUN 1: Ask

AUG 3: God Will Answer Our Prayers

SEP 1: Prayers That Are Heard

Prophecies about Christ

MAR 26: My Servant

APR 3: Christ’s Suffering Foretold

DEC 23: The Messiah Is Coming

DEC 24: The Child to Be Born

Relationship with God/Jesus

(See also God’s Love and Care for Us)

FEB 15: I Seek You

APR 24: Children of God

MAY 3: Near to the Lord

MAY 10: You Are My God

MAY 17: You Gave Me Life

JUN 16: I Love the Lord

JUN 18: My Relationship with You

JUN 19: The Love of Christ

JUN 27: I Am Your Servant

JUL 14: My Life in Christ

AUG 2: I Will

SEP 20: I Love You, O Lord

NOV 5:  You Are Mine

NOV 22: Your Unfailing Love

Relationships with Others

JAN 7: One Another

JAN 23: Encourage Each Other

FEB 2: Do Not Be Proud

FEB 5: Commands Regarding Relationships

MAR 20: Love Your Enemies

APR 27: Be At Peace with Each Other

MAY 1: Carry Each Other’s Burdens

JUN 3: Love One Another

JUN 13: Anger

JUL 24: Christian Love

AUG 18: Be Unselfish

AUG 22: Do Not Envy

OCT 27: Friendship

NOV 14: Let Us Love One Another

NOV 17: Be Merciful

Safety and Protection

JAN 20: Walking Securely

MAY 12: The Lord Is Your Keeper

MAY 24: A Prayer for Protection

JUL 5: I Walk in Your Faithfulness

JUL 11: The Lord Will Be Your Confidence

NOV 16: Dwelling in Safety


FEB 4: Godly Speech

MAR 29: I Will Declare Your Greatness

DEC 16: Controlling the Tongue


JAN 30: Be Strong in the Lord

MAY 30: God Gives Strength to the Weak

JUL 27: Resisting Temptation

OCT 3: The Source of My Strength

DEC 22: God’s Armor

Suffering and Persecution

JAN 10: Days of Darkness

MAR 4: Suffering for Christ

APR 30: Hope for the Persecuted

JUN 9: Christ, Your Example in Suffering

AUG 1: The Lord Lightens My Darkness

AUG 17: Willing to Suffer for Jesus

OCT 31: Future Rewards for the Persecuted

DEC 13: For Your Sake I Bear Reproach


JAN 16: Things to Think About

MAR 9: Remember the Lord

JUL 26: My Thoughts

Victory in Christ

JAN 3: You Have Overcome the Evil One

FEB 16: Death Shall Be No More

FEB 25: Overcoming the World

APR 9: It Is Finished

JUL 3: My Hope

NOV 6: The Battle Is the Lord’s

NOV 27: The Lord Is On My Side

DEC 31: Eternal Victory


MAR 17: Wisdom

APR 18: Wisdom Speaks

OCT 11: A Prayer for Wisdom

NOV 11: The Right Path

DEC 6: A Prayer for Guidance

The Word

APR 28: The Living and Active Word

JUN 10: The Encouragement of the Scriptures

JUN 21: More Desirable Than Gold

AUG 16: Your Words Are the Delight of My Heart

NOV 8: Your Word in My Heart


MAR 28: Do Not Worry

JUL 13: Peace from God

AUG 1: The Lord Lightens My Darkness

SEP 10: Words of Comfort

NOV 15: Help Me, Lord